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The Extra Mile Newspaper is here to give each and every American across the country the most exclusive entertainment, news, sports, and weather. Americans are always looking for better, so we are dedicated to giving you that and much more. Also, in regards to your concerns or if you have any ideas that you would like to share with other Americans, you can give us a call or drop us an e-mail. Lastly, if you have a story that you would like to share, then make sure that you go The Extra Mile to get the recognition that you desire.

Writer /  Author

Author, Business Owner, and American Soldier.

Tyrone Sanders has come a long way, as he has joined protests in a quest for equality for all mankind in America. Him deciding that God is the most important factor in his life, we feel is the best choice any man. Tyrone has also become a 6-time Author. (Books can be purchased here on our web store) Tyrone’s unique style of writing stands out from other individuals as he does not like to simulate what other writers have done. Instead, Tyrone likes to create original art that brings an imaginative feel to a modern day desire for originality for creative and performing arts that you can feel through his writing and works of art. Check out Tyrone Sanders as he is on the rise to perform much greater tasks. Tyrone is working to build more jobs and community activities.

Tyrone Sanders Productions

Tyrone Sanders Productions is a full feature film, music production, and creative arts production company. We are here to extend our hand to all that are interested in pursuing their career in those fields.

Tyrone Sanders Productions have teamed up with the Extra Mile Newspaper to produce the exclusive motion picture film called, Although I Deserve To Die. This production is a great movement of progression for the North Mississippi and West Tennessee areas. We are asking every North Mississippian and West Tennessean to get involved with this production and help us to open the doors to more creative and performing arts.  

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