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​What is Extra Mile Newspaper

The Extra Mile Newspaper is a national newspaper that was created to share the very best in entertainment, news, sports, and weather. Tyrone Sanders, who is the Business Manager of the Extra Mile Newspaper has come a long way in life, as he has joined protests in a quest for equality. He has decided to believe that God is the most important factor in his life. Mr. Sanders has  written 9 books , but has published 6 of the 9 books. (Books can be purchased right here in our web store.)  Tyrone’s unique style of writing stands out among other individuals as he does not like to simulate what other writers have done. Instead, Tyrone works hard to create original art that brings a modern day feel and some creativity that you can feel through his writing. Check out Tyrone Sanders as he is on the rise to perform greater tasks. Tyrone is working to build more jobs and community activities as well. Please come again and see all of our progressiveness as we work to help America to become even better.