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The “I Am A True Believer” book which is in the process of becoming a motion picture film is so deep that it will have you laughing, joyful, in tears, and asking yourself about your faithfulness in God. This most exclusive and inspiration book about faith also has an amazing amount of action in it as well. This story is about a Father and Son’s faith is pushed to the limits and they are tried and tested while on their way from a little town in West Tennessee, called Gibson to a city down in Mississippi called New Albany.

You have never experienced this kind of faith, but as we display this story and present it to the world, we want you to personally be able to say; “I Am A True Believer.”

I Am A True Believer

Tyrone Sanders Me Myself and I with ​God

This is Tyrone's autobiography, as he welcomes you to become familiar with who he is without any doors being closed to his life or what he has experience in his journey of life.

Tyrone Sanders Me Myself and I with ​God

My Poetry Days Book of Poetry is Tyrone Sanders’ very first book. It shows how Mr. Sanders made it being a writer. Poetry is his outlet for so many things that he has experienced in life. You can experience what he has experienced to go through some very dark days to find the Light. You do not want to miss out on Tyrone Sanders’ very first piece of art that was presented to the world. My Poetry Days Book of Poetry.

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