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Although I Deserve To Die Walk of Faith

Monday May 29th, 2017

5:30 am Milan TN to Jackson Tn.

For the 3rd and final time, Tyrone Sanders will take to the Highways of West Tennessee and walk for benefit of Believers all across the country! He will be raising funds for the "Although I Deserve To Die" movie production

Go to www.extramilenewspaper-america.com and buy the book “I Am A True Believer” or give a donation to the cause….

Although I Deserve To Die Movie

Our Journey in West Tennessee and Mississippi

Tyrone Sanders

As we move forward to create the Although I Deserve To Die Movie, we would like for each and every person in America  to meet Tyrone Sanders. He was born in Mississippi and after having a complicated life in that state, he moved to Tennessee for a better life and was hopeful of building great opportunities and being a writer.  Now that Tyrone has explored the world as a writer, he is now hopeful of becoming a film maker. When asked about his inspirations to be a good writer, he stated that his life, bad relationship(s), and losing loved ones has always been his reasoning for writing and that was my he created a new style of writing.

Cast and Crew

Get to now the Cast and Crew for the Although I Deserve To Die Movie Production.